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Why do some business owners succeed but most don’t


I am writing this having just finished a coaching session with one of my Business Owners Taking Action clients.   We got talking about why some business owners seem to always succeed whilst other always struggle. It was a conversation I have had many times with people over the years.   For 10 years I […]

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Don’t Miss This End Of Financial Year Opportunity


It’s almost the end of another financial year in Australia. One of the opportunities which is often overlooked by business owners is the opportunity to review and restructure the chart of accounts in their accounting package.   Why would you want to do that? In a previous blog “Have You Checked Your Vitals Lately?” we stressed […]

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Road sign Roadblocks Ahead

5 Mistakes To Block The Sale Of A Business


Want to sell a business? Then start planning and preparing now. Turn your business into a valuable and saleable asset that you could keep forever, or sell tomorrow. There are some common mistakes, or roadblocks, that come up when business owners are selling their business. When someone is buying a business, they are buying a […]

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Plan Do Check Act

Why you should track everything


When preparing a business ready for sale, implement some plan-do-check-act cycles in the business. These will enable continuous improvement, growth, increased profit and make the business attractive to buyers.

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Reignite Your Passion For Business And Life?


Reignite your passion for business and life! Are you creating an asset to sell or a job for life? Most business owners I speak to got into business to have more income, be in control and have a better life style. To be able to spend time with family, friends, travelling, and basically doing whatever […]

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Book cover Greater By Choice

What makes companies great in tough times?


In their book “Great By Choice” Jim Collins and Morten Hansen dispel a number of entrenched myths about what makes companies great in tough times. What do you think about..

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