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Decision Time

Thinking of Selling Your Business? What you need to know before your start


Are you building a business to sell or creating a job for life? If you want your business to become a valuable saleable asset then make that a conscious decision now. Then start planning and preparing for that! You are where you are today because of the decisions you made in the past. Where you […]

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Get your business ready for sale

Don’t Try To Sell A Business Before You Are Ready


Putting your business on the market too early can be like launching yourself down a ski jump without being ready and well prepared. You wouldn’t do it, would you? So why would you make such a big decision to put your business on the market before you were “ready for sale”? Sometimes I am contacted […]

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Woman thinking what is my business worth

What Is Your Business Worth?


A business has many values Putting a value or sell price on a business involves assessing the cash that the business is generating for the owner and the risk to that cash continuing on under a new owner. It’s a case of return versus risk. The cash component is relatively easy to work out. We […]

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Roadblock Sign

Number 1 Roadblock When Trying To Sell A Business


The most common ‘roadblock’ when trying to sell a business is the owner, or owners. There is a book called “The Fish Rots From The Head” by Bob Garratt It is a great little book! It has a simple but powerful message. Essentially it says if the Board (business owner) is dysfunctional then the rest […]

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Buy Sell Business

Common Myths About Selling A Business


Quick ‘Need To Know’ Video Next Live Webinar and Q&A Book A Chat With Me One of my biggest frustrations… When helping business owners turn their business in to a saleable asset and prepare it for an eventual sale, is the beliefs business owners develop around selling their business. Very often these beliefs have come […]

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Image of a bus travelling at speed

What if you’re hit by a bus?


O.K. You know you need an up to date will, right? But what else do you need to have in place in case you get hit by a bus or can no longer run the business? This is something many business owners don’t want to think about. Yet, it is so important and part and […]

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