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A working group to get new ideas, test ideas, share information, support each other and grow businesses. Be accountable for making progress, being motivated and having a growth mindset. No ‘hidden agendas’ in a BOTA group. No one is there to sell you anything. This group is launching in early 2024. LIMITED TO 9 MEMBERS! Register your interest to get on the list for updates and invitation to join.

After working with business owners, managers and leaders for a decade in my own training business I created the BOTA group process in 2008 as an effective, affordable, and results-oriented process for business owners. Group size is limited for effectiveness. GET ON THE LIST TO RECEIVE UPDATES AND AN INVITE TO JOIN

Benefits of being a member of Business Owners Taking Action

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    BOTA Group Process

    Through facilitated sessions including occasional expert guest speakers, you will develop business building principals, techniques, ideas and tools. You will be encouraged to learn and apply those ideas in your business.

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    Enjoy Group Fellowship, Camaraderie and Networking

    You will belong to a confidential support group of like-minded business owners where you can share ideas, ask for help, network and refer.

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    Business Planning

    You will be taken through a step by step process and coached on developing a powerful motivating plan for your business. Through an online platform you will get clarity on where you want the business to go, how to get there and the motivation to take ACTION.

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    Business Building & Growth

    Throughout a year, you will be encouraged to learn and apply new ideas and skills based on the business growth process. Read more about that HERE. you will learn how to develop and implement business building strategies and plans to significantly grow your business.

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    Group & One On One Coaching System

    As a member you will be setup online with the BOTA Group Program to record your goals and projects as well as a KPI tracker and accountability checker. You get this at both the group level and a one on one private level.

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    Member Only Resources & Learning

    As a group member you get access to Member Only Resources which includes videos, articles, templates, recordings of expert guest speakers and free access to some onine courses.

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    Accountability and Making It Happen

    John and your group will keep you focussed on your plan of action and keep you on track to progress towards your goals. Discuss and address things specific to your business and personal goals. Brainstorm ideas and projects and have a spotlight session to test ideas.

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    Learn How To Turn Your Business Into A Saleable Asset

    Develop strategies and plans to turn your business or practice in to an asset that you could keep for ever or sell tomorrow. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping.

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    No Lock-In Membership

    Membership is paid monthly and you can leave at any time. BUT BE WARNED - membership can be addictive! Some people are still in a group after more than a decade and still loving it! All we ask is for a polite 28 days notice if you wish to resign from the group.

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    BOTA - Process

    A BOTA group is for business owners who want a monthly workshop to get some business skills, new ideas, create a plan, interact with other positive-minded business owners and get help from the group. Optionally, for an additional investment, you can get one-to-one accountability via private meetings with me to keep you moving forward. Everything is tracked online via a powerful personalised coaching system.

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    BOTA Plus

    For those who want more frequent accountability on either a fortnightly or monthly level to get things done in a shorter time. As well as everything in the BOTA group you get additional planning, accountability, encouragement and follow-up. This is done through a powerful documented online system. For business owners who want results faster or those wanting to prepare their business ready for sale. 


A few years before I wanted to sell my business, I attended John’s “Prepare Your Business Ready For Sale” course and this was extremely beneficial. I discovered that selling a business was a lot more complicated than I expected. After the course John worked with me as my business ready for sale coach to prepare my company for sale over an 18 month period.

When the time came to list I was fully prepared and achieved a very satisfying result. I cannot thank John and his mentoring group members enough for the support and guidance. My advice to business owners, call John today.

Nolan Penning

Former Owner - Magnum Flavours & Ingredients

When it comes time to make big decisions, to bounce ideas off people or have a focus group on a new product, that’s when it can feel very lonely for a lot of small business people. That is where I have found John Denton’s mentoring/business owners group (BOTA) to be invaluable assistance. You are grouped with a wide variety of like-minded people who want to improve their business, willing to share their time and experience to potentially help you. The advice also comes un-biased with no strings attached, and sometimes it hurts! The fact that I have been a member for over 8 years and my business has improved each year is testament to the value of the group and the professionalism of John as a facilitator. I recommend the group unreservedly.

Gary Maynard

Owner - MediChill

Whether you’re just getting started with your business or already thinking about an exit, John’s workshop will give you the right information to consider to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. Well worth it! It covers a range of issues often missed by business owners. As they say “a business worth selling, is a business worth keeping”, so even if you’re NOT interested in selling, I highly recommend attending one of these workshops because it will open your eyes to new opportunities. It will help you get out of the “job” you’ve created for yourself, think like a real entrepreneur and build something that works for you without you being present all the time.

Jurgen Van Pletsen

Entrepreneur and Founder of Blink Innovation, Niche Interview and others

As part of the regular Mentor group sessions we each got our turn in the spotlight to review our business with the group. When I presented my business situation and asked for advice the consensus that came from John and the group was to stop manufacturing and concentrate on importing only.

I put this plan into action and now our business runs itself with just a little input from myself and my wife.  I feel a lot less stressed and am mostly retired now. Throughout my time in the group I regularly received advice and mentoring that turned out to be invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend this group to anyone who needs help with direction.

Michael McElhinney

Owner - Anna Chandler Design

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to sell next year, in five years, or in twenty – at some point it is likely that you will be looking to sell it.  Before you do, it is essential that you know what your business is worth on the market.

If you haven’t thought about how you intend to sell your business when you started it up – and lets face it, many business owners don’t – then this course is essential.  You need to prepare for at least three years prior to selling, so thinking about your exit strategy early is extremely worthwhile.  I’d recommend this course to the owner of any business so that they can understand how their business is valued, and how to produce a more saleable, and valuable, asset

Steve Laing

Former Owner - AceScooters

Party Plus engaged John Denton to present and facilitate an all-day workshop for franchisees (business owners). The day included presentations and activities on the business sale process, with an emphasis upon achieving maximum sale price and minimum timeframe through a process of conscious business planning and improvement.

John received a consistently high rating and positive comments from the franchisees. As the event organiser, I appreciated John’s willingness to determine our brief for the day, to relate his presentation to prior learning events we had conducted, and to deliver as per our expectation.  I found John reliable to work with, he delivered what was agreed in full, exercised good time management , and was flexible on the day to spend more or less time in areas the attendees wanted.

Party Plus franchisees operate a 6 day business, so to ask them to devote a Sunday off to a workshop and pay for it takes a leap of faith.  John delivered and the franchisees stated they gained real value from their investment.

I have no hesitation in recommending John’s work to other groups.

Andrew Foote

Former Master Franchisor - Party Plus

I would like to thank You and the Team ( and I don’t use the word ‘team’ lightly), at your Advanced Mentoring Group (now BOTA) which I have participated in for over two years. The amount that I have learned from our meetings is huge, being the sponge that I am, I have put many things into practice from implementing full Systems and Procedures to knowing the numbers and what they mean to marketing and sales and my business which has progressed in leaps and bounds trippling in turnover over that period and now heading to a solid 2.5 million in turnover, cutting many costs and increasing Net profit.

Without the help from yourself and the BOTA group and those wonderful, knowledgeable, people involved I would never have built a Triple award winning successful business and would never have started another one at the same time.

Leon Best

Former Owner - Bestgroup Pty Ltd

Just wanted to let you know that we have now re-branded and thank god we listened to you as things have been improving ever since !

We are now doing custom branded candles for companies and small business’ which has proven to be very successful , we are working away at getting new customers and working on maintaining the relationship so repeat orders are placed. Thanks again John for your help and the mentoring group experience

Kathii Richards

Former Owner of Evaglo Natural Skin Care

The group sessions help me refocus on the Big Picture. As a single operator, the brain storming sessions are great. It has helped me think more about working on the business.

FO – Karrinyup

This year has caused a paradigm shift in both my professional and personal life. Every month I was challenged with constructive advice to implement, creating a strong driven & directed future. Thanks John! A year worth remembering! You have impacted my future and helped to create security for my family.

LE – Ellenbrook

The program has helped to re-focus every month on working on my business. I have implemented many of the topics discussed into my business and personal life with great success. I highly recommend this mentoring program to anyone who wants to improve their business.

SW – Carramar

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