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I believe that a business that’s ‘ready for sale’ is well worth keeping! Build your business as if you are going to keep it forever, but could sell it tomorrow.

I owned a leadership and management business for 10 years before selling it and becoming a business broker. Now I am a business mentor and love working with business owners turning their businesses into saleable assets.

I learned what it takes to successfully sell a business by selling my own training and development business in 2006 through an excellent broker. During this process with the business broker, I realised that most business owners have little idea about how a business is valued, what makes it attractive to buyers and how to sell it. I went on to become a Business Broker as well as following my passion for mentoring business owners, facilitating workshops and running business skills seminars.

I will help you craft your business into a valuable, saleable entity to give you options for your eventual exit strategy, and sell it for you as well if required. Build your business as though you are going to keep it forever, but could sell it tomorrow! See who I have helped on my testimonials page.

Through my roles with some of the world’s leading information technology companies in four different countries, I have been a high achiever in sales, customer service and management.

Wanting to work for myself, I bought in to a training and development franchise business. The first in W.A. After working for years on my own I took on a business partner with the goal of building the business and selling it in three years. We developed a strategy to prepare the business "ready for sale" and we achieved our goal and sold the business in 2006 setting a new record for the highest sell price ever in that franchise.

Now, I operate as a business ready for sale mentor, coach, and facilitator / trainer. I was a registered Business Broker for twelve years. As a broker I specialised in small and medium business and sold many types and sizes of business.

My experience as a business owner and extensive involvement with Perth businesses since 1994, means I am well credentialed in my role helping business owners turn their businesses in to saleable assets and preparing them “ready for sale” and helping to sell them when the time comes.

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Nolan Penning – Former Owner – Magnum Flavours & Ingredients

“A few years before I wanted to sell my business, I attended John’s “Prepare Your Business Ready For Sale” course and this was extremely beneficial. I discovered that selling a business was a lot more complicated than I expected. After the course John worked with me as my coach to prepare my company for sale over an 18 month period.

When the time came to list I was fully prepared and achieved a very satisfying result. I cannot thank John and his BOB group enough for the support and guidance. My advice to business owners, join John and his BOB group today.”

Gary Maynard – Owner – Medichill

“When it comes time to make big decisions, to bounce ideas off people or have a focus group on a new product, that’s when it can feel very lonely for a lot of small business people. That is where I have found John Denton’s business owner mentoring group (AMG) to be invaluable assistance. You are grouped with a wide variety of like-minded people who want to improve their business, willing to share their time and experience to potentially help you. The advice also comes un-biased with no strings attached, and sometimes it hurts! The fact that I was a member for over 8 years and my business improved each year is testament to the value of the group and the professionalism of John as a facilitator. I recommend the group unreservedly.”

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