Business Owner: The Problem!


Many owners are relying on selling their business to fund their retirement, pay off debt or to move on to other things!

Most don't know what their business is worth or if it will sell?

At some point in time, you WILL exit your business. It could be for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you want to sell and start another business; maybe you want to move away from the area; could be for health or family reasons!

Whatever the reason, the sale should be when YOU want to exit and on YOUR terms. It should be you biggest pay day ever!

The secret to success in selling can be summed up in two words. PLAN and PREPARE.

Sadly, many business owners leave planning their exit too late and end up not being able to sell, selling at a low price or worse still just closing the business up and walking away with nothing (or maybe some debts).

Even if you aren't thinking of selling your business in the near future, remember that a business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping!

My philosophy is that a business should always be "ready for sale" and then you, as the business owner, have OPTIONS. Keep it and run it under management, sell it, sell it many times over (i.e. Franchise it), sell it to staff but best of all attract buyers who want your business.

However, as the owner, who do you turn to when you need impartial help and advice on turning your business in to a saleable asset and preparing it for a sale? How do you increase the value of your business and make it more attractive to buyers?

A business broker will want to sell your business at whatever price they can in order to get their commission. Your accountant may think he/she knows how to value your business but in reality they do not sell businesses and are not streetwise on current market values.

As a business owner who has sold a business and learned the right and wrong ways to do it, and having worked as a business broker for many years I am in a great position to help you turn your business in to a saleable asset.

Having a business that's ready for sale gives you, the owner, options! Keep the business as an income stream, run under management, attract buyers who want your business, or sell when YOU are ready on YOUR terms and at YOUR price.

If you are a Business Owner there are a number of ways I may be able to help and I am always willing to work out something to fit your budget and timescales. Book a 'no obligation' chat with me or go through my online questionnaire for a free business saleability checkup. Just select from the buttons below.

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