Making Businesses Into Valuable Saleable Assets

Create a business that you want to keep forever but could sell tomorrow

Know what your business is worth

A ready for sale assessment will tell
you where you stand now

Increase the value and saleability

Make sure you get the best possible price for your business and attract buyers

Have a business you love

Create a business you are happy to keep
forever but could sell tomorrow

Checklist and pen

Work with me if...

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You are a business owner and thinking about exiting your business now or sometime over the next 5 years!

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You want to know how to turn your business into a valuable and saleable asset that you can keep forever or sell tomorrow.

Every day you work solely in the business and not ON it is reducing the value and your ability to exit with equity

How do you put a value on your business?

What makes a business attract buyers?

Most common mistakes when selling a business?

What options do you have to sell?

Should you use a business broker?

Are you best to sell the company or the assets?


John loves helping business owners regain
their passion for business

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Been there and done it

After failing to sell his business, John learned a process, added 20% to the price and sold quickly and easily

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Business mentor and coach

Been a business mentor, trainer and coach for over 25 years since leaving the corporate world as a state manager in IT

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Formerly a business broker

After selling his own business John became a business broker for 12 years

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Sold many types of businesses

As a broker for 12 years, John sold many different types and sizes of businesses

3 Simple Steps To Move Forward

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Free Business Review

I'd like to help you in any way I can. So let's have a chat about where you are now and what you need help with. We’ll come up with some options to move forward.

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Plan of Action Created

A business assessment let’s us get into the detail and analyse the business. From this we’ll create an actionable and achievable plan.

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Kicking Goals

Clarity leads to power. When you know where you are now and where you want to get to then it’s much easier to achieve your goals and be ready for sale anytime.


3 Ways We Work With Business Owners


Business Assessment

Know Where You Stand Now

Know what is your business worth and if it is saleable. Understand the sale process and how to attract buyers.


Join A Group

Business Owners Taking Action

Be part of a group of motivated business owners helping each other achieve and grow their business.


1 on 1 Coaching

Fast Track Your Results

Need to move faster and have your business saleable sooner, then personalised caoching is for you.

Listen now as John shares 3 top tips in 3 minutes flat

In this play on demand podcast recording John shares the 3 top things to start turning your business into a valuable and saleable asset.

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My Vision and Mission

My vision is for business owners to have businesses they want to keep forever but could cash out tomorrow for maximum return, quickly and easily.

My role is to educate and assist business owners to get their businesses ready for sale because a business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping.


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