Business videos of my webinars, interviews, and presentations with my community of guest experts over recent years

The guest experts provide business owners with new ideas and information they can use in their business. I thank them all!

Hiring an SEO Agency - Top 5 RED FLAGS with Marc Moeller (EcomExperts)
Topics covered in this webinar: * Stop wasting money on SEO (Advice from an SEO) * Real-world examples: Hire an SEO agency the RIGHT and the WRONG way * Unmasking How Google Really Works * Website analytics made simple * Q & A

In this short ten minute video I chat with insurance broker Jody Williams about the availability of insurance for losses that come about from cyber attacks, scams, ransomeware and ID theft etc. Insurance is available but it comes with conditions. Don't think it can't happen to you. Find out what you need to know. Contact Jody via the link above if you want to find out more.

'Must Do Steps To Turn A Business Into a Saleable Asset'. An information-packed one-hour webinar was presented for the Wanneroo Business Association in Perth, Western Australia. You can use the timeline chapters on YouTube to skip to parts of the video.

Four months after my first discussion with Chris Milne, business valuer and publisher of the Business Values Newsletter, we chat again to see what affect COVID-19 is having on business values and business sales. It hasn't all gone the way we expected.

This meeting features Helen Kay, owner of Rise Legal Business Lawyers, taking you through her Top Tips to ensuring you get paid for the work you do as well as explaining how to approach your commercial landlords and negotiate attractive rent reliefs.

A John Denton DnA of Business lunch and learn webinar. Topic is "How Big Is Your Digital Footprint?" Peter Butler of Smarter Websites gives us ways to find out. A session packed with cool tools, tips and analysis. Learn how Google sees your web presence!

With a plethora of online marketing options available how do you as a business owner know which are right for your business and your target market? Mark discusses the pros and cons.


Webinar hosted by me with Keith Millar, Scaling Up Coach, on how to Optimise Your Business For Growth. Keith, a Verne Harnish accredited Scaling Up coach in Melboure, has over 30 years of experience successfully leading and advising business owners how to grow and scale up their businesses.

Small and medium businesses are valued using the PEBITDA methodolgy (Proprietor Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortisation) or EBITDA If the business is run under management. That is, the profit the business is generating for the owner before any discretionary 'takings' by the owner(s). Some businesses however have a value we call  'strategic' value.

A DnA of Business series WebMeeting from John Denton featuring financial coach, speaker, and author Matt Hern. The topic we discuss is managing your personal finances when you have an uncertain and fluctuating income. Our world and life have changed dizzily fast.

John Blake, master sales trainer, facilitates a session on the topic "The 7 Changes to Your Sales Process that will Increase Your Conversion Rates AND Your Profit." Some great tips and simple things you can do to close more sales. John is always popular with my groups.

John Wood of National Lifestyle Villages presented a very inspiring talk at our end of year event. All were inspired by his humility, authenticity and willingness to share his experiences, good and not so good. Some great one-liners and take-aways for business owners.

How To Blog To Retain & Gain Clients - Carmen and Dave from Red Platypus Creative present on my DNA of Business - lunch & learn webinar - Why you should blog for your business and the benefits your business will get from it. On YouTube SHOW MORE to get resources.

In this webinar Charlie Stephens of Domain Digital gives you some Vital Cyber Security Safety Tips for Businesses to protect yourself, your business and your clients. It is crucial to have the appropriate safeguards in place to avoid the likelihood of a cyber attack or a security breach.

Business Structures & Agreements - My webinar with commercial lawyer, Steven Brown of Lynn & Brown Lawyers. There are certain legal things that every business owner should consider from day one, and well before  selling the business. Things like are you setup in the best legal entity for when you want to exit? Do you have partnerships and shareholder agreements in place?

Maximise your google business profile to attract more leads and reviews. Play the game with Google and Google will play the game with you. Beginning July 2022, the Google My Business mobile app will no longer be available. Know how to use Google Business Profile for your business.

A John Denton lunch and learn webinar. Triaging Pressure - Thinking and Taking Action When Under The Pump with Mike House. Mike, is a survival expert, author, speaker and coach spoke on Triaging Pressure - valuable info for these times we live in.

How the COVID-19 pandemic affects the vlaue of businesses now and in the future. In this video I interview Chris Milne, Business Valuer and publisher of the quarterly "Business Values Newsletter for his views and tips on this subject. The audio is available on PodCast HERE

Dave Clare says that the world requires leaders who focus on purpose first, then profits. Leaders who know how to ignite invincible cultures that capture the spirit of their people will create sustainable competitive advantages. All business owners are leaders!

Samith Pich is a Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Conversion Expert. Samith is a passionate online business coach, trainer and speaker and director at Elevate Social - Perth’s Digital Upstart, Lead Gen and Chatbot agency.

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