John Denton

The Indispensable Owner


Is there an “indispensable person” in your business and is it you, the owner? A business is a profitable, commercial enterprise that runs without the owner having to be there? Think franchise! An indispensable person in a business can be a major risk and also a bottleneck! Worst case is when the owner is that […]

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Reinvent block letters

Reinvent Your Business Before You Have To!


Massive disruption is forcing businesses to change – FAST! It had to happen! This was predictable as more and more “collaborative consumption” based businesses enter the market place (uber and Airbnb are two obvious examples). Add subscription based businesses (see Dollar Shave Club, and Who Gives A Crap) and COVID19 to the mix and the […]

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Formula For Success In Hitting Business Targets To Increase Business Value


You set your business targets or goals like you’ve been told to, but you just don’t hit them! Right? To increase the value of your business you set targets or goals to increase profitability, systemise, and reduce reliance on the business owner. Then there will be financial goals, production goals, customer satisfaction goals etc. and […]

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Old Black Hen

Making Sales In Tough Times – Old Black Hen


How to make sales in tough economic conditions by adopting the old black hen’s philosophy. I can’t credit the author of this little poem / parable because I have had it for so long that the source is long forgotten and nowhere to be found. However, it is a great little story! It espouses going […]

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Never stop learning on a blackboard

Fours Stages Of Learning For Business Owners


As business owners we often don’t know what we don’t know! How do we learn anything? The four stages of learning, initially described as “Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill”, was apparently developed at Gordon Training International by Noel Burch in the 1970s. (Wikipedia) It’s a great theory for business owners to understand because […]

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Does Your Business Run Like A Swiss Watch?


Or does it seem to lurch from crisis to crisis? Can you leave your business for weeks at a time and it still runs ‘profitably’ without you? All too often we hear from business owners that rather than running like a swiss watch their business is a bit of a lumbering, stuttering jalopy. Goes well […]

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