Who IS Your Target Market?

Target what a customer wants and get what you want!

arrowhittargetWhen you are very clear on your target market and their wants, needs and desires, you can give them what they want and then you will get what you want!

Often my first question when I meet a business owner for the first time is “So, who is your target market?” Their answer tells me a lot about their mindset around business.

For example, if their answer is simply something like “Small business” then I know they really haven’t got a target market. “Small business” is way too vague! In marketing if you try to communicate to everyone then you speak to no-one! The scattergun approach doesn’t work.

If their answer is something like “Business owners in the transport industry in Western Australia who are passionate about growing their business and have more than 100 employees” then I know they are on the right track to having a target market.

Why is it important to have a very clear and well defined target market? There are lots of reasons but to highlight one which often gets missed is to be able to give that target market what THEY want. The better you get to know your market and what they want, the better you can address their ‘wants’ (not needs), their pain points and their desires! That enables you to ‘tune’ your marketing accordingly and then you will be more likely to get what you want – their business.

Why did I say ‘wants’ and not needs? Because most people buy what they want and not what they need. If you know what they need you wrap it up in a nice tasty treat that they ‘want’. Give them what you know they need wrapped up in what they want.

Look at your businesses in a different way and give your customers what THEY want and not what you want to sell them? You can if you have a well defined target market and you know their ‘wants’ really well. Sometimes it takes a lot of questioning from me to get a business owner to clearly identify their target market, but it’s well worth the effort and the growth in sales that comes from that is amazing.

Remember: Have a very specific target market, know what they want, give them what they want and you’ll get what you want!

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1 thought on “Who IS Your Target Market?”

  1. Alan Nelson

    I was talking to my guy who laid our new driveway in concrete. A really good operator who just so happens to be really busy. Busy in today’s market? I asked why and how?

    First of all I noticed on his invoice a space on the bottom that asked me to identify how we knew of him…google, word of mouth etc

    Then he told me that he does all his advertising on Gumtree…he has bought 10 phones from office works and advertises under different names on Gumtree…he gets over 10 calls per day…he then selects only clients that he wants to work with ( the ones that are likely to pay ). As he only receives calls and does not make calls the phones are minimal cost. As a result of his great customer service and the fact that he measures his where he gets his business over 30% of his business is repeat customers.

    Why did we use him. He dealt with the council. He left the job tidy. He turned up when he said he would. He was/is organised

    Give a customer what they want and you will get what you want.

    Just proves even in today’s market if you provide exemplary customer service and do what you say you are going to do you will be busy and not whingeing like all the others out there.
    Alan Nelson

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