How Will The Coronavirus Effect Business Values Now & In The Future

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John Denton & Chris MilneJohn Denton Interviews Business Valuer Chris Milne.

Chris has over 25 years of business valuation experience and has never seen anything like this before.

After much research Chris has formed his opinions on how this pandemic will affect business values now and in the future. Chris also explains his ideas on which businesses will come through this and be better on “the other side”, which businesses will continue much the same and those that may not survive. Some of Chris’s insights will surprise you. Chris also gives some good tips to business owners on what they should be doing now.

Watch the video of the interview below and draw your own conclusions.

Chris publishes a quarterly Business Values Newsletter and you can get details at JAROT BUSINESS VALUATIONS

I’m John Denton a business owner mentor and I help business owners turn their businesses into saleable assets and get them ready for sale. I do this with my Advanced Mentoring Groups and one on one mentoring.

I regularly run online workshops on getting businesses ready for sale and improving business values. You can check out my upcoming workshops and webinars  HERE.

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