Business Growth Process

business growth process

Why work to a business growth process?

My business growth process is based upon building a business as if you were going to keep it forever but could sell it tomorrow. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping. In other words, you are creating a valuable asset that you can sell someday if you want to. You are giving yourself OPTIONS.

This is a far better situation than wanting to sell and finding out that nobody will buy or that your business is not worth what you want for it.

So, regardless of if I am working with a client on a one-on-one basis or working with my Business Owners Taking Action (BOTA) group of business owners, the process is similar. The only thing that changes is the time frame to get from A to B.

The overall business growth process can be summarised as getting the following working well in the business:

  • Set the culture of the business and determine the VALUES, CULTURE and PRINCIPLES needed to drive the business towards its VISION. Make sure it is the culture you want!
  • Establish systems that run the business and implement a CANEI culture. CANEI is Continuous And Never Ending Improvement. A great business runs on great systems.
  • The business needs a great product or service that services a niche market where you have some unique 'need to haves'. Then the business needs to be able to deliver excellent quality consistently.
  • Innovation and creativity in today's world are an absolute must for any business. If the business isn't changing faster than the market environment in which it operates, then it will not survive.
  • Marketing and sales have to be working well to generate a flow of leads and conversations to generate sufficient cash flow for the business to be meeting profit targets.

Hopefully, the diagram above makes clear the business growth process I use and work to keep my business owner clients accountable and taking action. Nothing happens until there is ACTION.

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