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Jurgen Van Pletsen – Entrepreneur and Founder of Blink Innovation, Niche Interview and others


“Whether you’re just getting started with your business or already thinking about an exit, John’s workshop will give you the right information to consider to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. Well worth it! It covers a range of issues often missed by business owners. As they say “a business worth selling, is a business […]

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From Nolan Penning – Former Owner – Magnum Flavours & Ingredients


“A few years before I wanted to sell my business, I attended John’s “Prepare Your Business Ready For Sale” course and this was extremely beneficial. I discovered that selling a business was a lot more complicated than I expected. After the course John worked with me as my business ready for sale coach to prepare […]

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Save Your Plasma For The Living


Business owners, are you guilty of being a rescuer? Do you try to pump life into your staff, clients, peers and friends? James (Jim) Rohn was a favourite motivational speaker of ours and I had the good fortune to meet him on a number of occasions. He gave us all some great life and business […]

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John business ready for sale

What’s In A Name? Update – Oct 2018


A deadline is approaching, but has been extended – still, don’t miss out! If your business has a ‘trading name’ and the goodwill of your business associated with it – IT WILL DISAPPEAR FROM 1 NOVEMBER 2023! That’s right! Trading names will no longer be recognised and will be removed from the National Business Names […]

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Great By Choice - Business Owners Board

What makes companies great in tough times?


In their book “Great By Choice” Jim Collins and Morten Hansen dispel a number of entrenched myths about what makes companies great in tough times. What do you think about them? Please add your comment below! Entrenched myth #1: Successful leaders in a turbulent world are bold, risk-seeking visionaries. Contrary finding: The best leaders we studied […]

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Business Owners Board Love The Asset

Never Fall In Love


At Least – Never With The Asset. My first MD was a very shrewd, if difficult person.  He was very good at giving one line statements which meant a lot to him, but as yet I did not have the experience to understand what he meant. One of his throwaway lines was “Never Fall in […]

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