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Reignite Your Passion For Business And Life?

Reignite your passion for business and life!

Are you creating an asset to sell or a job for life?

Most business owners I speak to got into business to have more income, be in control and have a better life style. To be able to spend time with family, friends, travelling, and basically doing whatever they want, when they want.

Sadly that doesn't happen for many small and medium business owners. Business becomes their life. They feel trapped and hand cuffed to the business. They are unable to sell and don't have time for a life. They forget why they got into business. The business should be a vehicle to give them the life they want.

But wait! There is some good news. I find when I start working with a business owner, to turn their business into a saleable asset, it reignites their passion for the business. Business becomes enjoyable again and they start to get their life back. They can see an end game and the goal of selling the business for lots of money becomes real and possible.

A jalopy. Decrepit car.If your business was a motor vehicle, what kind would it be? A Porsche Carrera - going fast and attracting a lot of attention. Maybe a Toyota Hilux - a steady and reliable workhorse. Perhaps a Mazda3 family saloon - not flashy and slowly depreciating. Hopefully you are not driving an old jalopy! Not worth much and lacking in the ability go on much longer.

I use this metaphor in my Business Owners Taking Action group, asking them this question. The answers I get are fascinating and tell me a lot about how people view their business. And then I ask, "Wouldn't you rather be driving something much better?" Not many tell me they are already in a Porsche 🙂 Red sports car

You see, unless you want your business to be your life (some people do, and that is OK) then you need to be turning your business into a valuable and saleable asset that attracts attention from prospective buyers.

What's the solution? It starts with acknowledging what kind of business you have and knowing where you stand now. (Consider my free business review). Then decide what you want and with the end in mind create your plan and action your plan. For things to change, YOU need to change. Reignite your passion for your business and life.

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