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Here’s what you do:

1. Start your voicemail with the script below.
2. Ask a question on turning a business into a saleable asset, get a business ready for sale or a question about buying or selling a business.

From time to time I will feature these questions in a Q & A session on my podcast. You can get a nice shoutout for your business on the podcast or don't name your business if you prefer.

Start your voicemail with this script (inserting YOUR info of course)

“Hi, I’m [your name] and my business is [business name] and we [what the business dos]. Here is my question…”

Note 1: You only have 90 seconds, so I recommend thinking through what you’re going to say–BEFORE you hit record.

(That’s generally decent life advice, actually!)

Note 2: Topics you could choose from…

How to put a value on a business
What makes businesses more saleable
Buying business
Selling a business
What businesses are in demand
Buying into a franchise
Selling out of a franchise

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