Business Owners Taking Action

In a business owner mentoring group with John's unique process, you get many heads working on your business!


Confidential support groups of motivated, positive business owners working ON their businesses

There are no competing businesses or ‘other agendas’ in a group. No-one is there to sell you anything. It is NOT a referral group or a networking session! It is a working group to educate owners and help grow their businesses.

The Mentoring Group Process was created by John Denton in 2008 as an effective, affordable, and results-oriented process for small business owners. John offers 3 levels of membership, both face to face and online, as well as private one to one mentoring.

Some of the benefits of being a member of a Business Owners Taking Action (BOTA) group:

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    BOTA Group Process

    Through facilitated sessions including occasional expert guest speakers, you will develop business building principals, techniques, ideas and tools. You will be encouraged to learn and apply those ideas in your business and report back to your BOTA group monthly..

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    Enjoy Group Fellowship, Camaraderie and Networking

    You will belong to a confidential support group of like-minded business owners where you can share ideas, ask for help, network and refer.

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    Business Planning

    You will be taken through a step by step process and coached on developing a powerful and motivating One Page Plan for your business.

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    Business Building

    You will be encouraged to learn and apply new ideas and skills that will grow your business. With the group and John’s mentoring you will learn how to develop and implement business building strategies and plans to significantly grow your business.

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    Learn How To Turn Your Business Into A Saleable Asset

    Develop strategies and plans to turn your business or practice in to an asset that you could keep for ever or sell tomorrow. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping.

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    Accountability and Making It Happen

    John and your group will keep you focussed on your plan of action and will help you track your progress towards your goals and milestones. Discuss and address things specific to your business and personal goals.

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    Special Events and Networking

    As a group member you will be invited to any combined group event meetings which happen from time to time. Learn and network with more business owners.

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    Attend Other BOTA Groups

    As a member you can attend any other group meeting as long as you aren’t a competing business with a sitting member. If you miss your own local group meeting you can attend at another time and location. You can even attend multiple groups in one month if you wish.

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    No Lock-In Membership - Two Levels To Choose From

    Membership is paid monthly and you can leave at any time. BUT BE WARNED - membership can be addictive! Some people are still in a group after more than a decade and still loving it! All we ask is for a polite 28 days notice if you wish to resign from the group.

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    This level is for business owners who want a monthly workshop to get some business skills, new ideas, create a plan, interact with other positive minded business owners and get help from the group. In addition there is an online accountability meeting with John to keep members moving forward.

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    For those in a hurry who need more regular and detailed meetings to get things done in a shorter time. As well as everything in the other levels you get more ‘done with you’ help in the business. There is also, more accountability through documented feedback and planning. For business owners who want results faster or those wanting to prepare their business ready for sale.

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