BOTA Update Report Form

BOTA Update Report Form - Reviewing Your Business Regularly Keeps You Moving Forward

This form is designed to enable BOTA members to prepare for their one on one mentor sessions and workshop updates to keep things sharp, on track and effective. By answering these questions it will get you to STOP and think about your business and your activity towards your goals. If you want more time to complete the form, scroll to the bottom and select "Save And Continue Later"

  • Self Explanatory
  • So we can send you a copy of your completed form!
  • Which group are you a member of?
  • Acknowledging your 'wins' is key to staying motivated. Tell us what these 'wins' have done for your business and for you personally.
  • Include things you keep telling yourself you "should" do, as well as the things you didn't do. How do you feel as a result of not doing them? Will you do them this month?
  • With opportunities there are usually some challenges, issues or personal growth that has to happen.

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