Month: July 2021

Sign Roadblocks Ahead

Number 1 Roadblock When Trying To Sell A Business


  The most common ‘roadblock’ when trying to sell a business is the owner, or owners. There is a book called “The Fish Rots From The Head” by Bob Garratt It is a great little book! It has a simple but powerful message. Essentially it says if the Board (business owner) is dysfunctional then the […]

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Buy Sell Business

Common Myths About Selling A Business


One of my biggest frustrations… When helping business owners turn their business in to a saleable asset and prepare it for an eventual sale, is the beliefs business owners develop around selling their business. Very often these beliefs have come about due to well meaning accountants, bookkeepers, business coaches, friends and sometimes the media. It’s […]

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Image of a bus travelling at speed

What if you’re hit by a bus?


O.K. You know you need an up to date will, right? But what else do you need to have in place in case you get hit by a bus or can no longer run the business? This is something many business owners don’t want to think about. Yet, it is so important and part and […]

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