Is Your Plan Not To Plan?

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The most underrated tool in business for driving up your results – a good plan!

A good plan will fit on one page and be the guiding light for everything that happens in the business.

If you don’t take time out of your business to plan and prepare for success then you are effectively planning NOT to plan and your business is effectively dragging you along behind it!

As John Whitmore says in his book “Coaching For Performance” – “If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed.”

However, success not only relies on a good plan but also good execution. There are many reasons why business owners do not create and work to a strategic plan:

  1. They don’t know they need one
  2. They don’t understand strategy
  3. They believe it is a waste of time
  4. No-one ever reads it or follows it
  5. It is a lot of work and just sits on the shelf collecting dust

If it is a lengthy document and put together badly, then yes, it is a waste of time and yes, it will sit on a shelf and collect dust.

However, if it fits on a single page, is easy to understand and is created and tested properly, and then executed, Strategy_699x699it is a fantastic tool for guiding the business! It comes down to strategy AND execution. Let’s look at some scenarios:

If there is a very low level of strategy in the business and a low level of execution, then basically the business is GOING NOWHERE.

If there is a low level of strategy but high execution, then the business is BUSY BEING BUSY! In other words, lots of day to day activity but no vision of where the business is going!

When there is a high level of strategy and planning but a low level of execution, then everyone in the business is FRUSTRATED.

A high level of strategy and good execution leads to SUCCESS – provided the strategy is a good one! That’s where the testing comes in.

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