Peter Butler of Smarter Web Sites recommends John Denton

“John Denton’s catch cry and passion is “Building Business’ For Sale or Lifestyle”. John sums it up well in that people mostly started their business for a ‘lifestyle’ reason and then somehow became a ‘slave’ to the business at some level. John Denton is our “Jedi” knight and his core question… “What’s the objective here?” cuts straight to the bone and stops us from going over ‘to the dark side’ in all our entrepreneurial ‘flair and creativity’. That objectiveness converts into manageable, implementable and focussed tasks that help us and many others move forward in their business with great momentum. For those who know the ‘Jedi’ ways John also lives by the “Do… or do not… there is no try” which translates into massive action.
By Peter Butler – Smarter Websites

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