John McGill of QMax on the value of membership of an Advanced Mentoring Group (AMG) sessions

“To all the people that helped me with my “Hot Seat” session recently … may I say a big thank you to you. As per the update in one of the earlier meetings, thanks to the information offered in the hot seat session and the directions I chose, I am now on the way to growing the business and we have now received the first order from the Middle East. This one order is for an amount that exceeds our best annual turnover for any of the past 9 years. We are now working on another project over there that will be at least 4 times the size of this first middle east order and our system is being presented in more projects this week. I am still working on the wireless link too and that has plenty of potential to go international as well. Wow ! what a result from evaluating the answers to a few questions in the hot seat and making a few decisions.”

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