Alex Retallick – Hand Works OT –

“John has helped me to see what my staff are capable of, and what a great success my business can be with them working in an organization that they love.  In the past I have worked really hard dealing with day-to-day functions in the business.  I had difficulty attracting the best workers and then retaining them because I was too busy to organize things to make it an attractive place to work. We now have such good systems in place that, I am able to take an extended holiday without worrying that my business will suffer.  Our reputation in the industry is exemplary.  Staff turn-over is low because clinicians want to work for me now, and referrers give constant positive feedback to us without even soliciting it.  All this while our turnover has increased 17% in just one year. Previously, growth was generally around the 5% to 7% mark. I’m expecting growth of 17% again for the next year.  John has been a great investment for me.”

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