Month: August 2019

Business Owners Board - Indispensable Man

The Indispensable Person?

August 25, 2019

Is there an “indispensable person” in your business and what has that to do with a bucket of water? Worse still, as the business owner are you the indispensable person? An indispensable person in a business can be a major risk and also a bottleneck! They are the kind of person who has some expertise […]

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Save Your Plasma For The Living

August 20, 2019

Business owners, are you guilty of being a rescuer? Do you try to pump life into your staff, clients, peers and friends? James (Jim) Rohn was a favourite motivational speaker of ours and I had the good fortune to meet him on a number of occasions. He gave us all some great life and business […]

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